When is the best time to exercise?

There are many studies in the fitness world that compete on the best time to exercise for your body and schedule.


Morning workouts with a punch

With our busy schedules in these modern times, it is often very difficult to find the time to workout in the morning. However, studies have shown that if you can workout for 45 minutes in the morning, before eating a meal, you will see positive results in not only your physical appearance but in your mental and emotional state as well.

As an added advantage, your hormonal profile in the morning is predisposed to a higher metabolism of fat, meaning that with the extra growth and cortisol hormones in your body you will draw more of your energy from your fat reserves. This makes an early morning workout more ideal to increase mental prowess, emotional stability, and an overall increased potential in your daily physical workouts for a positive start to everyday of your life.


Afternoon workouts are still good

Morning workouts are the way to go and ideal for optimal results, however fitting in a workout, no matter the time of day, will be beneficial to your body - so let’s look at the facts!

Afternoon workouts are often when most people can fit in some physical activity to give them that much needed mental boost. Naturally your body temperature is at its highest between 2pm and 6pm at night, which means that you will be working out during the window of time your body is most prepared, potentially making it the most effective time for you to workout. 

Meaning that if you are looking for a potent and powerful performance boost in your daily exercise, then this would be the ideal time for you to hit the gym!


Evening Oxygen-Filled Workouts

For the majority of people, going to the gym after work is the only option they have and let’s face it, it is still good for you to get physical exercise into your daily routine. Similar to an afternoon workout session, evenings present the same initial benefits to your workout, with a higher body temperature than a morning session.


In addition to this, your oxygen uptake kinetics are faster in the evening; meaning that your resources will slowly and more effectively be consumed. Not only are you able to have a better and higher heart rate workout, but your reflexes are faster, making classes and High Intensity Interval Training workouts the best to attend during these times.

Whatever the time of day that you can make it to a workout session, any physical exercise will benefit you in a big way.

Keep in mind that morning workouts benefit those of us who are looking to trim down and shred, whilst afternoon workouts are better paced for performance-based exercises and evenings are best suited to high reflexes and class exercises.


See you in the gym!