Diet vs Exercise

Most people are under the impression that if they eat well, they don’t need to work out which isn’t always true. To get the results you want, you will need a combination of both, a good diet complimented by a workout regime to suite your end goal, which will give you the best benefits to help sustain your desired results.


By combining your workout regime and a healthy diet, you will notice that the best results leave you feeling and looking great, but the increased combination can help reduce heart disease risk, improve your mental health and your overall mood.


Let’s start with your diet, to get the best benefits out of your daily diet it is generally ideal to consume a minimally processed, whole food diet. This means eating meals full of healthy fats, proteins, and fiber such as avocado, cheese, dark chocolate, and fatty fish.


Contrary to what most people believe, you are allowed to eat fats, chocolate, and diary and you won’t gain weight, the key here is moderation. Too much or too little will leave you feeling unbalanced, and your body will not have the necessary fats, nutrients, and energy to keep you fit and healthy while you work out.


The next step that you must consider after working out your ideal fuel food, is how you will use that fuel to improve and assist your body goals. Working out offers many benefits such as an increased metabolism, meaning that you can burn more calories during the day, contributing to a regulated and healthy gut as well as being a great way to not only improve your body but your mental health as well. Physical activity strengthens not only your muscles, but also your bones and improves your daily ability to do your everyday tasks.


Eating correctly and being active goes hand in hand, a lot of fad diets misinterpret and underestimate the need for the correct meal portions - in particular grains and meat. Often people eat too many processed foods that are high in calories and low in fiber, vitamins, and minerals in fear of eating “fatty foods”.


Now that we have established how and why exercise and eating well go hand in hand, how do you get started with your new health journey? A good starting line is to have your daily breakfast, allowing your metabolism to get a daily kick start, replenish your blood sugar and give your muscles the necessary boost to start your day.


Consider eating more healthy fats such as nuts, seeds, olives and avocados and allow yourself to snack during the day on these healthy fats to keep your body replenished. You can also continue your up stroke by eating carbs, but remember to rather have complex carbs such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and beans which are not the same as processed carbohydrates and sugars.


If you can, try to be active every day for at least 30 mins a day, a walk or even some gym time can balance out your daily eating regime and get you into a comfortable balance between working out and eating healthy.


Getting into shape should be a benefit of your eating habits and workout regime, your top priority should be living and engaging in a healthy lifestyle. A healthy body can make way for a healthy mind and support better living, which is something we strongly believe in and live by at Body Action Gym. Join our family and open a door to whole new world where you are our top priority!