We are a certified Technogym Diamond Black partner! Experience the Future of Fitness Right Now.

It's not a membership.
It's a lifestyle.

We stand for the goal getters.

The people who don’t back down from the challenge to go take what’s theirs.
The ones who won’t simply accept average and keep chasing their goals.

Together we’ll boldly raise the bar and set a new benchmark in a world that’s overrun by fear.
Fear of the unknown, and the fear of not being good enough or being seen as weak.

By realising that in every weakness lies the potential for strength and embracing it, combined with our unbreakable positivity, we stand to inspire others – one at a time – to unlock their inner wellbeing.
We surround ourselves with likeminded people and collectively we’ll inspire greatness that changes the future.

Let’s break through the chains that block our path to mindfully living better. Here’s to being our best!

Challenge your limits.

Everyone will find a way to push themselves to the limit whilst having fun and making new friends in a fitness facility that’s designed to be the home of the achievers, from businesses to lifestyle and family.

We also take COVID-19 regulations as seriously as we take your health by optimising our space for your benefit and safety. The only thing that we spread is positivity and motivation.

If you think we are just a gym, think again.

It’s time to take a deeper look. Body Action Gym is an experiential fitness facility that engages your senses and focuses on the full spectrum of what it means to live healthy and get fit; irrespective of whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned fitness enthusiast. There’s nothing like our facility on the continent.

You deserve more.

We firmly believe that you don’t have to settle for less than what you deserve from a fitness facility. This belief stems from our visionary founder who has seen it all but wasn’t happy with any one solution.

That’s why he set out to create a carefully thought-out facility that offers more than simply a gym membership; he created a fitness lifestyle designed to help empower your greatness.

Health is our foundation.

Made up of a network that’s built by our community and for our community, which forms the foundation of what it means to us.

What does your health look like?