Imagine a gym that is out of the ordinary, a place where you can experience the future of fitness – today. A place where you can have your workout session whilst being enveloped by music provided by a live DJ – something that would benefit your routine by making it more fun and entertaining and even boost your overall mood for the rest of day.

Why opt for a DJ at the gym when you can listen to your favourite jams online?

Yes, you know your music and have a specific preference of genre that keeps you pumped, but what could be more fun, challenging, and progressive than working out to something new that you haven’t heard before? You also won’t have to spend all the time compiling a playlist for yourself. Having a DJ at the gym is what gives the facility an atmosphere akin to a club - with interactivity and beats that keeps you going when the going gets tough. With every beat of the music, you can do a rep or take a step and depending on the tempo of the music, it will complement your routine. Add to this the communal atmosphere with all of your fellow gym-goers enjoying the same music you are, keeping you all in the moment and motivated, and you have the recipe for an unforgettable workout.

How to let the DJ guide your workout

At Body Action Gym, our DJs start out their sets slow – perfect for warming up. They then progressively increase the tempo so you can increase the intensity of your routine as the music builds.

The DJs will start off with a tempo of between 124 and 126BPM, then work up to tempos ranging between 130 to 134BPM whilst you ramp up your workout. Finally, the music will reach peaks between 136 and 140BPM for those high intensity moments, allowing yourself to build the rhythm of your workout to match the flow and peaks found within the music – making the whole workout experience feel just so much more organic.

This experience would be similar to that of being at a festival such as Ultra or H2O, where DJs would build up the intensity of their sets to hype up the crowd. Following this template, our DJs would build their sets specifically to keep your routines engaging with different variations and tempos to match your workout activities, whether it be running, rowing or even weight training.

Benefiting from a gym with a DJ

At the end of the day, you need a gym that motivates you in every way possible. Having upbeat and exciting music play in your surroundings is how you create your own motivation that boosts your performance during your session and everyday living. A DJ at gym contributes so much inspiration and motivation to members to push themselves harder to achieve the goals that they have always wanted, just by the set played, in an atmosphere that makes the workout session feel more like fun than a hard slog.

By using the science of DJing and applying it to the fitness industry, Body Action Gym gives our members the opportunity to experience a different way of working out, bringing the future of fitness to them in Africa’s only 6-star fitness facility.