Weight training for weight management

Many people tend to think that the only possible way to manage their weight is by enduring a couple of hours of cardio a week. Although, this is partially true, there are other ways to lose those extra kilo’s or prevent gaining them by incorporating weight training into the routine. Typically, weight training is associated with bulking and gaining muscle but using a different technique could prove useful in your weight management journey.

What is weight training?

Weight training, sometimes referred to as strength training or resistance training, is a technique that uses weights for resistance. Using weights during training allows you to put stress on the muscles which aids in strengthening the muscle. Weight training uses anything from barbells, dumbbells, and gym machinery to what you have available in the house, such as cans of food.

With weight training to maintain weight, aim for doing more repetitions with lighter weights. Heavy weights and fewer repetitions can lead to bulking, which is the routine body builders follow.

What to think about when maintaining weight

Mindfulness is important when doing any workout routine. Remember that keeping form whilst doing exercises is more beneficial than slinging your body around to do as many moves as possible. Although, this can burn off calories, it can also cause serious injuries. In fact, this is something that should always be kept in mind during any training session.

Eating the correct foods and specific quantities of food is another factor that influences the gym world, whether you are bulking, losing weight, or even toning the muscles.

Vary the weight exercises that you do every week as an encouragement to prevent you from getting bored with the same-old-same-old. Go with a different compound exercise every day that allows you to work different muscles per muscle group. Changing the exercise you do will also prevents your body from getting used to doing the same thing, which won’t be as beneficial in the long run.

Don’t train the same muscle every day to failure. Overexercising muscles leads to fatigue, strain and even permanent scarring or damage to the muscles.

Workouts to try for weight management

Kettlebell swings

·       Performing anything with a squat-like movement helps you build strength and muscle. The weight from the kettlebell also strengthens your arms, and the movement you do allows you to engage your core.

·       Do a few sets of this exercise for twenty seconds each.

Mountain climbers

·       This workout is useful for strengthening the arms, the abs and the back. To give yourself more of a challenge, wear a light weighted jacket. Mountain climbers use your own body weight to train the muscles.

·       If you have never done this exercise before, aim for this movement for 30 seconds.

Walking lunges or step ups with dumbbells

·       This workout works several muscle groups such as the core, calves, glutes and hamstrings. Because it works so many different areas of the body, you are prone to burn more calories and build more muscle.

·       This exercise should be done for 3-5 minutes a day but can be increased to 10 minutes, depending on your endurance levels.

How to start

Motivation is usually the first thing to have when you begin with any journey. Drawing up a goal plan keeps you motivated and gives you direction when you are stuck.

Listen to music whilst you train. The music distracts you from feeling like the session is taking too long. In fact, it will encourage you to keep going which will ultimately burn more calories.

Be kind to yourself. Your body won’t change immediately so be careful of overtraining. You need to take breaks so that your body can recover from previous sessions.