Low-impact cardio workouts that are kind to your joints

Low-impact cardio is a great form of exercise for anyone – especially those who suffer from chronic joint pain or who are in recovery from an injury, especially knee injuries. Low-impact workouts are exercises that generally increase your heart rate while minimising the impact your joints may experience with other types of exercises.

These exercises allow you to experience the same benefit as you would with traditional workouts, with the added benefit of avoiding stress to the joints. Tender knees certainly shouldn’t mean you can’t get your sweat on at the gym!

Chronic pain and other conditions can benefit from regular low-impact training, however, keep in mind exercising weak joints should be carefully considered to avoid any further pain or injury. Luckily, there are plenty of joint-friendly exercises for you to try. Below are six to get you started…


Low-impact workouts to try at home or at the gym

1.   Walking

This is a great option for almost anyone, as it’s the most accessible form of exercise, no matter what your overall fitness level may be.


2.   Cycling

Want to increase your heart rate? Cycling helps get the blood flowing with virtually no impact on your joints, and you can make it a social activity too! Book your spot in one of our immersive spinning group classes today.


3.   Yoga

Yoga is known for improving mobility while also increasing your heart rate. It’s a great option for those who want to alleviate joint pain, as yoga helps reduce chronic pain while also improving overall posture and fitness. If you are interested in one-one and group classes, our yoga classes provide a tranquil environment for you to reach your fitness goals.


4.   Pilates

When executed correctly, pilates offers various exercises to avoid joint injury and stress, while also lessening existing pain and allowing you to strengthen various parts of the body with minimal joint aggravation. Experience this world-class fitness with our ELEVATE Encompass™ reformer machines.


5.   Elliptical

Ellipticals mimic the movement of walking or running as you would on a treadmill, but they are a safer option compared to the treadmill as there is no impact on the joints. Ellipticals offer a full-body workout and build overall fitness and resistance.


6.   Rowing

Maximise your core strength and burn calories while taking it easy on your knees! Rowing is an ideal exercise to try when impact is the problem, rather than the movement of bending your knees.


The benefits of low-impact workouts

- Gentler on joints, especially for those with injuries or chronic conditions.


- Improves cardiovascular fitness which is great for boosting your overall health while still making it possible for you to achieve a wide range of fitness goals.


- Build strength and endurance while also boosting your overall mood, as low-impact workouts also release feel-good hormones, like any other workout.


If you have any past or recent joint injuries, it’s important to consult with your physician before attempting any of the above-mentioned exercises. Our trainers are also always on-board to help you with any fitness advice.