How do spin bikes work

Spinning bikes are used for intense cardio training while building lower-body muscle strength. This is all made possible due to the advanced technology and design of these bikes.

In order to reap the most out of a spinning session, it is recommended to join a spinning class where an instructor will motivate and lead you on a journey of personal achievement. Body Action Gym features the latest technology when it comes to Spin Bikes – with the latest additions to our facility being the technologically advanced Biostrength Bikes from Technogym.


Adjusting the spinning bike

A single spinning class can offer value to a multitude of different skilled participants, as you can adjust the bike to your specifications and push yourself according to your own fitness level.

The seat of the spinning bike should be adjusted to a comfortable height, to ensure that it is not placing any strain on your back and arms. The straps on the pedals should be adjusted to a comfortable tightness to prevent your shoes from moving around and possibly slipping out, which could potentially cause an injury.

Lastly, the resistance level would be adjusted during the workout to mimic the change of terrain that you would normally endure from traditional cycling. Even the slightest of adjustments will turn sailing down a rapid descent into climbing an intense hill. This is achieved with a few small twists to the tensioning knob to add or remove tension to the bike’s flywheel.


When using the spin bike

When using the spinning bike, you will change between three main different positions:

1) Sitting: Mainly used during warm-up, breaks, and cool-down. This position allows you to catch your breath while still working out. Remember to keep your core engaged and your back straight, releasing weight off your shoulders by slightly bending your arms.

2) Standing: While keeping your back straight you will proceed to stand up and raise your body off the seat. This increases the difficulty and strain on your legs and core. This is a high-power, high-intensity position that is generally not held for long durations.

3) Jumping: This position is achieved by crouching over the top of the bike’s seat for a short duration. This is one of the hardest positions to hold due to the additional pressure that is added to your core and legs to keep you stable and raised above the seat.

If you are partaking in a spinning class at Body Action Gym, the instructor will indicate when to change positions and when to increase or decrease the resistance level. You can make the workout harder by adjusting the resistance to the flywheel.

Tips for spinning (Do not feel overwhelmed)

Below are some pointers and tips for spinning bikes and how to prepare for loud music and high-intensity workout:

Arrive early:

Always try to arrive early to any group class. As this allows you to take your time to set up the bike and warm up as well as getting comfortable in your surroundings.

Don’t wear baggy pants:

Try to avoid loose-fitting pants to lower the risk of catching them in the pedals. It is highly recommended to wear cycling shorts, as spinning bike seats are traditionally smaller than stationary bikes, which takes a few sessions to get used to. Cycling shorts have built-in padding to make the sessions more comfortable.

Bring the essentials:

Due to the high intensity of the workout, remember to stay hydrated, so remember to bring your water and pack a sweat towel – because if you are doing it right you will be sweating.

Wear comfortable and tight shoes:

You will be on your feet a lot, so wear tight-fitting shoes to help prevent blisters and unnecessary motion.

Looking to take up spinning? Experience our world-class studios and top-of-the-line spin bikes available at Body Action Gym. Our highly qualified spinning instructors look forward to seeing you soon!