Is Outdoor Training as good as they say it is? We did some research to find out exactly how and what outdoor training and exercise can do for your body and mind.

Do you prefer working out in the open air or are you more of a gym lover? If you are hesitant to train outside or that the outdoor training is not as effective, we have all the benefits and best ways to utilise our outdoor facilities to benefit you and your training plan.

Working-out or just spending some extra time outdoors in the fresh air has many health and mental benefits such as:

Vitamin D

Working-out, outside for 5 – 10 minutes gives you a daily dose of vitamin D, which improves and helps regulate your body’s natural levels of calcium and phosphate. Try substituting your daily supplement for an outdoor workout facility, like our outdoor 50m Running Track or our Elite Fitness Training area and equipment.

Lowered blood pressure and stress

External studies have shown that working-out outside lowers blood pressure and heart rate, with this added benefit, training outdoors leads to a less strenuous exercise as opposed to the same level of workout which is completed indoors. Meaning that you can push your limits even further when training outdoors and hit your workout goals!

Fresh Air revitalizes your mind & mood

Being outside is an overall mood booster, from sounds, smells and feeling the warm of the sun on your skin has a positive effect on your mood. The next time you are training outdoors keep note on how being outside for just 5 minutes can change your emotions for the better.

A change in your regular workout regime

Change things up! Experience all that your gym has to offer, take your cardio workout to the basketball court or even try out a running a track to keep your muscles, mind and mood in a positive space. It’s a great way to keep you engaged and burn more calories while you work, while taking your workout to the next level and try something new!

Whatever your preference is, outdoor training can be a great way to change you regular regime and routine out, boost your mood, engage your brain and give you a free added daily dosage of natural vitamin D. Here at Body Action Gym we endeavor to give you the best of both, to suit your gym needs and workout goals.