Pumping music while training has become a necessity during working out, along with a sweat towel and water bottle of course. For many, no music means no exercise! But the question is, does the music we listen to actually impact our performance while training? And is it truly an essential determining factor to achieve a successful workout?


Enhancing physical performance

Listening to music while training is much more than a simple way to pass the time while you push through those intense workout sessions. High-energy tunes help us to shift focus from experiencing fatigue and cutting our workouts short, to instead pushing harder and longer. In fact, those who train without music tend to lack stamina and experience more intense discomfort. Of course, an individual’s natural fitness level also affects endurance, but an upbeat tune certainly helps!


Psyching your mental state

Not only does music increase physical performance, there are also key psychological benefits. Studies have shown that music benefits can extend as far as influencing thought processes and behaviours. Certain music tempos can affect our brain wave activity and alter our heart rate output to match the music tempo. Simply put, your mind and body become equally focused and synchronized to your workout, which is like psyching your mind to push further.

Experience our club-vibe

If these benefits of training while playing music wasn’t enough already, Body Action Gym’s key focus is to take your workout experience to the ultimate level, including the beats we play! We host a live club experience with our resident DJ’s, Austin Cassim and Stuntedbluntman. Experience a club-vibe like no other fitness facility with our state-of-the-art sound and lighting equipment. We can certainly promise an exhilarating and successful training session any day of the week.


Mood booster

Finally, music has long been linked to boosting moods – which makes music the perfect fitness partner! When we listen to music, our bodies release key feel-good hormones, such as dopamine, which allows us to experience an elevated mood. Not only do your favourite beats help with your mood, they can also relieve stress!


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