Body Action Gym and Technogym – a South African Fitness Partnership for the future!


Body Action Gym will be joining the ranks of an elite few global fitness locations reinforces our credibility in the South African fitness industry, while also Africa on the map of the global fitness scene.

We’re proud to announce that Body Action Gym has received international recognition and is considered a global Top Location by Technogym.

Here’s what they had to say about our collaborative partnership:

It’s been long overdue for the fitness industry to have a change of pace in South Africa. For this reason, Body Action Gym has set out to revolutionise the way fitness and wellness is approached by creating a lifestyle in their 6-star fitness facility.

To achieve this, they have partnered with Technogym to design and deliver one of Africa’s first fully connected wellness environments. Just calling it a gym would be a serious understatement.

This state-of-the-art facility is equipped with some of the most technologically advanced pieces of equipment currently on the market.

Body Action Gym has equipped themselves with the complete Skill Line, specifically designed for Athletic Performance Training thanks to Technogym’s experience with the best teams and sports champions in all the world.

Technogym Skill Line includes: Skillrun, the first treadmill to combine cardio and power training in a single solution designed to meet the training requirements of both elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts; Skillbike, the revolutionary stationary bike that enables cyclists, triathletes and cycling enthusiasts to live the emotion and challenge of outdoor experiences in an indoor environment; Skillmill, the innovative treadmill that enables you to perform fundamental movements and exercises to reinforce all the skills that determine your physical fitness level and athletic performance: Power, Speed, Stamina and Agility; Skillrow, the first indoor rowing equipment designed to improve anaerobic power, aerobic capacity and neuromuscular abilities in one solution.

The treadmills and cardio equipment aren’t the only thing that makes this gym a cut above the rest: the gym houses Technogym’s Artis Diamond Black strength equipment range that features Unity Mini displays which will track your range of motion, count your reps, track your weight lifted and seamlessly send that data to your Mywellness profile where it can be viewed later.

Every corner of this facility has been cleverly thought through to offer members the finest fitness experience. Utilising Technogym’s Top-of-the-line equipment, visitors can experience the ultimate immersive training session found in the country.

If high performance training is not really your cup of tea, there is also a wide range features this gym has to offer to suit your preferences. There are multiple different class formats for you to join: Body Action Gym has been equipped with new Group Cycle Premium Format as well as two separate Teambeats studios that offer HIIT classes, yoga, Pilates and the list goes on.

What further sets this facility apart is the fact that the experience doesn’t stop at your workout. After a tough session, you can enjoy the sensation showers and dry off with the body dryer or unwind in a spa-like environment featuring a sauna and steam room. Body Action Gym offers a well-rounded fitness lifestyle experience that no other facility on the continent can provide.

With the integration of the Technogym Mywellness Suite & App, every step of your Journey at Body Action Gym will be a guided one. Upon arrival - the team will set you up on the app and take you through a comprehensive wellness journey which will include a complimentary full body composition assessment on the Tanita scale. This is also tracked and stored on your Mywellness profile for you or your trainer to compare previous results and monitor your progress.

If you want to join a community of individuals with the common goal of improving their lifestyle, we advise you to join Body Action Gym. As the Body Action Gym team likes to say: ‘It’s not a membership, it’s a lifestyle’.

View the feature on Technogym’s international website by clicking here.