Exercises to boost your booty confidence

Exercising is all about getting stronger and feeling good about ourselves. This usually betters our mood, our health and our overall confidence. Depending on what sort of physique you are going for will depend on the type of exercises you should do. It also relies on the diet you have and how much time there is available to work on this specific physique. Here is a list of some exercises you can do that will help you feel good about your booty.


For a more lifted booty shape, you will want to focus on glute bridges, which isolates the glutes, and donkey kicks, which focus on all three off the glute muscles. A great alternative to donkey kicks are fire hydrants. This workout will give you an intense glute and hip workout. All these workouts assist with shaping and strengthening the glutes. For an extra challenge on these workouts, use a resistance band.


For an overall lower body workout that predominantly targets the glutes and thighs, do jumping squats. This will assist with strengthening the glutes, hips, quads, hamstrings, calves and boost your heart rate for a more wholesome routine. They will also help with your balance during high impact routines that require balance. Alternatively, using a weight in each hand whilst performing walking lunges can also help with the toning of the glutes but mainly targeting the quads.


Routines that will also target parts of your body like the core and lower back include single leg deadlifts or weight regular deadlifts. These kinds of exercises should be done slowly to avoid back and hamstring injury. These exercises are also great for balancing and spine alignment.


For overall thigh and glute workouts, focus on conducting side lunges, backward lunges, curtsy lunges and clamshells. You will be able to feel these workouts in your outer thighs, inner thighs and even the gluteus minimus muscles, one of these lesser worked muscles.


How to enhance your workout routine with these workouts?

Always make sure that you train these muscles before the more intense version of the exercise. This will slowly build the muscles, strengthen them and prep them for when you want to take it to the next level using weights and resistance. Start with lighter weights and progressively increase them as you get stronger.


Always make sure that you do at least three sets of fifteen per exercise. To increase the size of your muscle, increase the number of sets you do rather than the number of repetitions you do per set. Avoid working your muscles to a fatigue state everyday as this will prevent the muscle tissue from healing and growing.


When performing lunges, make sure your leg is at a 90-degree angle. Make sure that your knees do not pass your toes as it could cause injury and not give you the full benefit of the workout.


Engage your core with all workouts. This can be achieved by pulling your bellybutton in as if you are trying to touch your spine with it. This technique is also very helpful with exercises that require you to lie down on your back. It’s also a way to protect you back from overextending during your routines.


Exercises can always be changed out. An example of mixing it up would be to do hip thrusts instead of glute bridges and performing pulses at the end of donkey kicks and fire hydrants for a little extra burn and build.