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A Spa-like experience

There’s never a bad time to treat yourself to a well-deserved relaxing experience, especially after a hard workout. Feel free to immerse yourself in our luxurious steam rooms, saunas and sensation showers as a standard feature at Body Action Gym.

Home of Relaxation

Elevate your relaxation and wind down after a successful workout session in our sauna that’s custom-built by some of South Africa’s foremost spa designers. This is a welcome treat on colder days, but it also offers a host of heart health benefits.

Steam rooms are synonymous with premier fitness clubs - and ours takes it up a notch. The health benefits of a 10 to 15-minute steam room session are endless. Relieve your tired muscles after a weight training session, feel more relaxed, improve your breathing and leave your gym visit ready to take on any challenge.

Sensation showers are just that: engage your senses while you shower in a spacious and luxurious environment that offers you a selection of water jets and settings such as a pulsing shower to help you relax. Another great addition to your post-workout relaxation and recovery.

Ever felt the need to air dry? As a popular feature in European countries, body blowers have been designed to eliminate that hot and clammy feeling, especially on hot days or after a workout. This is another unique experience that our 6-star facility offers as a standard to our members.