What is LISS

LISS (Low Intensity Steady State cardio) is a different type of cardio to HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). HIIT is faster bursts of energy training, completing several rounds of training in a few minutes where  as LISS maintains a steadier pace and is lower intensity while still being effective. Find out why LISS is good for you and what workouts you can do to get training today!

Low Intensity State Cardio is ideal for an active rest day or recovery day in other words you still get a bit of training in! It is a great way to get stronger, especially for beginners.

Need a break from HIIT? LISS cardio is popular to use as a break from HIIT because it has a lower risk of injury while still helping to burn fat and is easy to stick with and helps increase your fitness level, burns fat and builds muscle while you train.

Low Intensity Steady State cardio is not as intimidating as HIIT or weight training. It will help in building confidence while training and is great to incorporate as part of your daily workout regime – as a warm-up or cool down, even after some high intensity training!

Why is LISS good for you?

  1. It’s easy and free! You don’t need equipment in order to do LISS cardio. 
  2. It builds endurance and fitness levels. Yip, that’s right. The more you do, the stronger you will become.
  3. It’s great for recovery after injury. Still getting exercise while recovering is important. 
  4. It works well for weight loss! – Double up when you combine LISS and HIIT!

What workouts can you do?

  • Walking – maintain a steady pace whilst walking. Try walk for as long as you can. 
  • Hiking is a good form of steady cardio, too. 
  • Cycling can also really test your endurance while maintaining steady state cardio. 
  • Swimming is a great means of LISS!
  • Cardio equipment at Body Action Gym will be a huge help for your training!

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