9 Ways To Track Your Fitness Progress

Track your fitness progress with our easy-to-follow tips! We’re so proud of you for tracking your fitness and progress! If you haven’t already downloaded the myWellness App, we highly recommend it, download it here for Apple and Android. This app will help you track your fitness progress, how long your workouts are, what you have worked out. It’s really great!

There are, however, other great ways of tracking your progress! We don’t want to encourage not eating (or eating less or more) or not having something you enjoy; we say it’s all about moderation – so please bare this in mind when recording your fitness journey!

Read the things you should and shouldn’t do here:

Record how you feel to track fitness

Record everything – how you feel after a workout, how you feel after food, after snacks. If you wake up feeling bloated or feeling energetic – write it down or type it out. Remember the good feelings and remember the bad so that you learn what empowers you.

Fitness Progress Photos!

Start taking photos of yourself to see how your body changes – Take photos weekly, try have similar lighting every time to get the best results. Take photos from the front and side too. The more the better. With this being said – avoid scrutinizing yourself.

Track by measuring, not weighing.

Measure instead of weigh. Muscle weighs more than fat – it’s not about a goal weight, it’s about building, toning and shredding.

Clothing Fit

See your progress by the fit of your favourite jeans. Test this out by trying them on and see how the fit changes – snap pics here too!

Regular check-ups.

Your health matters through this – don’t be afraid to check your health with your doctor – he/she could give you some great advice too!


We cannot stress the importance of hydration enough! Hydrate yourself – 2L a day is the goal. The more water you drink, the better your performance daily!

Track your exercise

Keep record of your workouts – how long the workout was, how many times a week you worked out, etc. Also keep record of the rest days and recovery time from your workouts – it will help you improve where necessary and can help you build strength!

Test yourself

Test your strength – after a few weeks of similar patterns, see how many push ups you can do in 1 minute or how long you can plank for!

All about the prep

Prepare your meals! Your nutrition is so important so try plan this ahead of time.


  • Do not weigh yourself.
  • Do not measure yourself every day.
  • Don’t rely on just one method of tracking your fitness.