Sweat and swear your way through these speed and speed endurance workouts to earn your go-faster stripes

Whether you’re in pursuit of a track PB or a runner’s physique, upgrading your training regimen to target speed and speed endurance is the quickest way to make progress. Allow these workouts from Third Space Master Trainer Chris Stanton to get you to your goals post-haste.


Go short and very sharp with a speed workout designed to rev up your maximum velocity

Timeframe: E2MOM (Every 2nd Minute On The Minute) for 16 mins

Pyramid set of: 30m / 50m / 70m / 90m / 90m / 70m / 50m / 30m

This is best performed on a track. Start your timer and sprint the first 30m. Walk back and rest for the remainder of the two-minute interval. At two-minutes, sprint the 50m. Repeat this process until you complete the final 30m, then collapse.


This speed endurance workout fine-tunes your engine to help you keep up the good work

Get up the timer on your fitness tracker – then grit your teeth, this is going to hurt.

Run 400m

Rest: 3 minutes minus the time it took you to do 400m.

Run 400m

Rest: 5 minutes minus the time it took you to do 400m.

Run 800m (Your target is t complete this in double your last 400m time plus 10 secs)