One of the key benefits of being a Discovery Vitality member is the ability to earn points for leading a healthy lifestyle. You can earn points for completing health assessments, going for regular check-ups, and participating in fitness activities, such as gym visits and outdoor workouts. These points can then be used to redeem a variety of rewards, including flights, hotel stays, entertainment, and shopping vouchers. At Body Action Gym, we also offer personalised training sessions and nutrition plans to help you achieve your fitness goals. As a Discovery Vitality member, you can earn points for participating in these programs, which can be used to further enhance your overall wellness journey.


We are the result of searching the globe to bring to you the finest offerings of the health & fitness industry.

We are focused on connecting the dots between world-class facilities, equipment, and the makings of a healthy South African lifestyle.

Furnished from top to bottom with the latest in elite fitness equipment from Technogym, our array of ARTIS Diamond Black apparatus, integrated with the MyWellness app to assist members with tracking their workouts, leaves little to be desired when it comes to training.

Our facility features:

  1. Cutting-edge cardio and strength training areas
  2. Outdoor elite fitness training area
  3. Outdoor running track
  4. Basketball courts
  5. Olympic-standard boxing ring
  1. World-class studios with all-inclusive, instructor-led group fitness classes
  2. iPlay children’s area
  3. Live Fit apparel store
  4. Kilojoule Café restaurant


Body Action Gym provides an extensive floorspace for training.

Occupying a ground floor as well as mezzanine level totalling 5000 sqm, our club is Africa’s first fully integrated MyWellness facility. Every piece of our Technogym ARTIS DIAMOND BLACK and Technogym BIOSTRENGTH TRAINING equipment simply plugging in and playing, providing our members with the ability to enjoy experiential training that engages their senses and brings into focus what it means to live healthy and get fit.

Before or after training, you will find that our changing rooms are the ultimate place to relax. Inspired by the world’s best hotel spa's, you can immerse yourself in a luxurious personal experience with every visit. From the moment you walk into our spacious and airy change rooms, you’ll be welcomed by a wide selection of lockers that open and close through your wrist tag, taking away the need to carry a key around.

On the lower level, you’ll be excited to see the beautifully designed and spacious showers. After freshening up, you’ll be able to take care of looking your best at our vanity stations, featuring backlit mirrors, hairdryers and GHD hair straighteners – located in both men’s and ladies' change rooms.


We leave little to be desired in terms of equipment, facilities

& offerings for a happier, healthier lifestyle.

We are confident that you will find signing up as a member IS worth every single cent.



Our multipurpose world-class fitness studios, housing our all-inclusive group classes, offer much more than meets the eye.

Our energetic Step classes are bound to challenge your fitness levels, whether you’re just beginning or are a seasoned athlete already. Our highly specialised Les Mills classes are also hosted here, where you’ll find the ultimate in cutting-edge workout routines that are known and admired the world over for the results they deliver. Our Yoga and Pilates classes offer a doorway to these age-old forms of exercise, which are both highly lauded across the world by young and old for their relaxation, core strengthening, flexibility improvement and calming benefits.

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  1. A once-off joining fee of R300.00 is applicable for main members and a once-off joining fee of R200.00 is applicable to spouse and scholar memberships.
  2. A once-off tag fee of R200.00 is applicable to each new member.
  3. Partner reward program discounts are only applicable to debit order memberships based on 12 or 24 month membership agreements.
  4. Partner reward memberships are only available to qualifying individuals who are 12 years of age and above.
  5. To qualify for the partner reward membership options, a member must be affiliated with one of the following partner reward schemes, which must be active at the time of sign-up and for the duration of your membership:
    1. Discovery Vitality
  1. If an existing member would like to convert their standard membership to one of our partner reward memberships, a once-off membership conversion fee of R500.00 will be applicable and a new contract term must be signed.
  2. Monthly membership fees are fixed and are not based on gym visits.
  3. A fixed subsidised discount is applied across all reward program memberships and is subsidised by Body Action Gym.
  4. Partner reward membership status checks will be performed every 3 months to verify that the partner rewards programme is still active.
  5. Members who are no longer with the partner rewards programme will be automatically and immediately converted to a standard membership.
  6. Partner rewards points will be allocated to members when they log their workouts via the relevant platforms.
  7. Standard cancellation fees apply to all partner reward memberships.
  8. Partner reward memberships are not transferable from one member to another member.