This can be such a touchy subject in the world of health. Can you eat carbs if you’re trying to be healthy or fit? Should you refrain from eating carbs after a certain time? Should you just avoid carbs altogether?

You CAN eat carbs AND stay fit! It’s all about moderation. 

We recommend measuring your carbohydrate in take as not all carbs are made with equal portions.

Carbohydrates provide your body with energy, can improve your recovery rate, helps you focus and helps with the digestion process.  Work out often? You need carbs to sustain your energy levels because when you lack carbs, your body will more often succumb to headaches and leave your system feeling run down.

If you’re trying to lose weight, it is helpful to know that the excess carbohydrates get stored as fat so it is best to eat the correct amount of carbs for your body. This depends on your metabolism, activity level and health goals. (if you are active and train often, you can eat more carbs). If you’re worried about weight gain, the secret is to train, to burn off additional energy.

Body Action Gym says, eat your carbs and enjoy them – ALL IN MODERATION! And, don’t forget to train!