When it comes to deciding on a workout routine, the diverse possibilities of what’s available and possible can easily become overwhelming! That’s where we come in – breaking it all down bit by bit. It’s easy to focus on the obvious exercises such as weightlifting, jogging or cycling, but this post is focused on shedding light on an alternative option, which is incorporating a weighted ball into your workout. Slam balls and medicine balls are two of the most common weighted balls available, and each serves a specific purpose. 


What are they? 

Both medicine balls and slam balls are weighted, rubber-coated training balls which can be used in a wide range of exercises used to enhance your workout routine, strengthen your core, and increase muscle mass. 


Slam balls 

Slam balls weigh anywhere from 2kg – 25kg and have a hard, tough shell and are recommended for tossing, throwing and slamming movements, as its name suggests. Slam balls normally have a sand core which makes them ideal for slamming as this sand core prevents the ball from bouncing back and causing injuries. Slam balls have a heavy-duty outer layer, which prevents breakage from continuous ground impact. Slam balls encourage the use of your full body, which results in explosive movements and targeted core strength, and they can be used in place of free weights. 


Medicine balls  

Medicine balls are generally larger than slam balls and can be made from leather, rubber, plastic, or vinyl. The key difference between the medicine ball and the slam ball is that medicine balls are not designed to be slammed to the ground. Medicine balls have a softer outer shell and core, which would result in the ball bouncing back if slammed. Medicine balls are ideal for strength and endurance exercises, but not for high-velocity exercises.  

Both types of fitness tools can help improve strength and stability through different functions. It’s important to consider the key differences when deciding which one would be more beneficial to your workout and which exercises each is suited to. 


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