The act of walking is almost always the last thing to come to mind when people think about effective cardio, health and fitness but it is in fact one of the easiest and most enjoyable workouts for you to do - anytime, anywhere.


What are the benefits of walking?

Walking has many proven benefits that not only boost your health, fitness and lifespan but this activity can also improve circulation throughout the body as all of your muscles are activated. This in turn helps strengthen your muscles as well as your joints which decreases your chances of developing arthritis in future.


Other benefits of walking include improved sleep, weight loss, stronger bones and fresher breath. It has also been noted that people who walk regularly experience elevated moods and emotions as they are exercising both their body and mind because walking leaves you to your thoughts and helps create a more organised mind.


Take a walk with Body Action Gym

For many people, walking around their neighbourhood may not be a viable and safe option. Luckily, Body Action Gym has multiple pieces of equipment that not only accommodate walking for fitness but that can also help you track how far you have come and how far you can go with the My Wellness App in a safe and monitored environment.



The Skillrun and Skillmill machines are a unique and modern interpretation of the treadmill that make the act of walking more of an adventure than a chore. These machines are perfect for people wanting to control the pace and time of their walks while staying in a safe and familiar area. For those looking for more of a challenge, Body Action Gym offers both the Jacob’s Ladder as well as Technogym’s Artis Equipment line featuring climbing and running equipment offering great challenges in terms of difficulty, incline and intensity.



If you would prefer to stay off the machines and take the scenic route instead, then the 50-meter Outdoor Track lining the side of our gym is always available for all your walking needs.


When to walk and how far?

Thirty minutes of walking in just one day has proven to provide all the health and fitness benefits you are looking for without interrupting your day. Depending on your chosen pace, walking anywhere between 4km and 6km a day would also reap the same benefits – if you are a step counting fanatic then this would translate to roughly 7000 to 9000 steps a day – an easy feat to monitor through the My Wellness app and connected machinery.



With so many fitness programs and workout routines available at any time, it can be overwhelming to find a place to start. Walking is not only the most underrated exercise, but it is also the easiest to start, track and enjoy so we would recommend starting there because walking really does get you far.