Ever feel like the phrase “breaking the mould” has been worn out in an effort to describe a brand’s way of differentiating itself in some special way without any change? Then you may be feeling doubtful that Body Action Gym is actually taking this challenge seriously. To put your mind at ease, our goal is to not only break the mould, but completely transform it, using you as the main motivation.


How are we changing the fitness industry?

The fitness industry is an environment that has needed to evolve, to not only become diverse and inclusive, but also to become more user-friendly to you and your personal fitness needs. Thinking back on how gyms have been marketed in the past we all remember how exercising was sold as a lonely journey filled with harsh dieting and pain for very little reward.

Transforming this idea into a more positive and enjoyable activity that you can develop into a better lifestyle – on your terms – has pushed us at Body Action Gym to construct a world-class facility where all members are catered to, from beginner to professional. The new facility will not only feature high-quality equipment and classes, but it also includes personalised nutritional and lifestyle guidance to ensure you get the most out of your gym and more importantly, yourself.

Fitness should be about making you feel great, and this is exactly what we are focusing on – as the industry transforms for the better with us on the frontline.

What is our standard and why is it unique?

Body Action Gym is dedicated to becoming a fitness facility like no other, cultivating a 6-star fitness lifestyle environment and providing services tailor-made and tested just for you is our differentiators. The mentality of every member and staff can be simplified into one mantra – 100/zero. This mantra is not an inspirational quote we found online but a promise to all our members and ourselves to always give 100% effort, dedication, and support to everything we do, with zero excuses. This standard is constantly measured and tested to ensure we can continue to surpass expectations while remaining true to our core values of creating a healthier and happier lifestyle for our members. Our distinctiveness lies in that we genuinely care for you and your goals, which further drives us to strive to be better than the very best – even when that means being better than we were the day before.

What makes us special?

People have said that it is our high-quality Technogym equipment and our great variety of facilities, from weightlifting to boxing, that makes this gym so special, but it is, in fact, the dedication of our members and staff to both themselves and each other. With every member comes a great attitude and atmosphere that adds to the calibre of the gym and enhances the positive experiences for everyone.

Training in the gym can be both a personal and group experience as the mood is friendly and supportive, with wellness coaches ready to assist wherever you may need help. Our services never stop after your workout is over but rather it goes digital as we have partnered with Mywellness to bring you an app capable of tracking your progress and helping you reach your next goal. The app is also capable of integrating all your health and fitness apps into one place, for one reason – your ease and convenience.

Body Action Gym is well on its way to not only breaking the fitness industry mould but also transforming into a space that is truly inspiring and solely dedicated to you and your wellbeing.

Start training with us today and make your fitness goals a reality.