Did you know that rest days better your fitness game? We want to help you better your fitness game! That’s why we are ridding of and overcoming our fitness excuses:

“I’ll start on Monday.”

“I’m too tired today.”

Sound familiar? It’s okay to feel tired, and it’s okay to listen to your body in that respect. We want to chat a little about improving your workouts and how to spend your rest days effectively.

Form is important

The number 1 rule for form is quality over quantity. Make sure you do the exercises with the correct form, or else it doesn’t matter how many reps you do, it won’t work and you are risking injury! Remember, there is no harm in asking one of our fitness professionals at Body Action Gym to help guide you with form. In fact, we encourage it.

Learn to love exercise with the right playlist

Music is the right thing to get you in the mood! Find a playlist that excites you, that gets you going! Spotify is a great place to get music and playlists, we highly recommend creating a playlist in Spotify, or even downloading a pre-existing playlist for your sesh!

Hydrate. Seriously.

We have said it before, and we’ll say it again. Hydrate when you exercise! It is SO important. We suggest keeping a water bottle on hand to help you glug down your necessary in take!

Warm Up

Don’t skip this step! Wake your body and brain up before your workout. A 5-minute workout goes a long way.

Rest Days For Your Fitness Game

Everyone is entitled to their rest days – it doesn’t mean you can’t be efficient. So, when you have had a great week of workouts, get ready to be active – even on your rest day!

Rest day does not mean your progress falls away, it simply means that you tone it down for your muscles – let your muscles recover.

Here are some great ways to spend your rest days:

  • Yoga is relaxing to plenty of people – Get into yoga – it is definitely a great idea for a rest day!
  • Active recovery sessions are a good idea. Walks are an awesome way to reduce muscle cramping and soreness from working out!
  • Stretching – try do this every day. We recommend foam rolling as well, to anyone who is curious. It really helps you rub out your muscles and has been said to be great for cellulite.
  • We’re all about massages! Get some TLC for your muscles once in a while. Massages help release tension within your muscles.
  • What you eat on your rest days should be considered. 2 words – protein and carbs will help you recover and provide you with sufficient energy!
  • Water is important for your workouts and is just as important for your rest days – Don’t skimp!

Need we say more?

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