Our bodies gain energy through our food consumption. Our food contains calories that produce energy but depending on your fitness goals – the food you eat can work against you.

We have compiled a list to help you boost your energy levels but also works with you in attaining your fitness goals and not against you.

  1. Stimulants help produce energy
  2. This is nearly like a pre-workout with no added calories! Stimulants like caffeine and green tea are great way to boost your energy levels. These are beneficial for anyone trying to transform their body. Not only will it boost your energy levels but it will assist in speeding up your metabolism.
  3. Carb Cycling for energy
  4. Build muscle and tone your body by introducing yourself to carb cycling! This works wonders assists your body in breaking down fats during the day as well as through a workout. Carb cycling is essentially having high amounts of carbs on certain days of the week! Try plan this around the days with the hardest training such as HIIT.
  5. More Sleep
  6. The more you rest, the better your productivity. This will lift and boost your energy levels! Even 15-minute naps will increase your energy.
  7. Pack up on nutrients
  8. Opt for nutrient dense foods – foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and essential fatty acids. Foods that are nutrient-dense allow you to eat less but still get the sufficient nutrients that your body needs.
  9. Keep Hydrated
  10. In order to boost your energy levels, water is a key element. Water is needed in balancing your vital organs. Water is the trigger for your internal reactions and boosts you to perform at optimum capacity.
  11. Meditation
  12. If you are mentally exhausted this will of course, impact your physical capacity to function. We recommend some meditation to boost your energy levels. This will help you recenter and feel refreshed!

These are our top tips to boosting your energy levels! Let us know on our social media pages if you have any other tips that help you feel invigorated!