The Fear of Missing out versus the Joy of Missing Out.

These two contrasting emotions can often rule our decision making and affect our experiences especially when it comes to fitness. Body Action Gym welcomes people from both sides with our facility boasting 6-Star features for every experience.


What is Fitness FOMO?

Fitness FOMO can be described as the fear of missing out on achieving your fitness goals because you fear there may not be any available machines to work out on or enough space in a trainer’s class to take part in, possibly sending people into a panic. People can become possessive over their workout spaces and causes a generally “not cool” atmosphere in the gym. As frustrating as fitness FOMO may sound, it is not completely terrible as this feeling can also drive people to want to work out earlier, harder and longer.


Body Action Gym Members Never Miss Out?

People with fitness FOMO may worry about missing out on training, machines and classes but with My Wellness this is problem of the past. Our classes can be prebooked and your trainers can be notified when you are going to be joining their sessions. This allows trainers to customise fitness programs to ensure you get the best benefits and experiences out of each class.


Speaking of beats, if you have ever worried about missing out or struggled to find a great workout playlist that can help you boost your gym session to the next level, then we have the solution with our amazing inhouse spin master – DJ Austin Cassim – who knows exactly the right tracks to play to get you pumped up and ready to achieve your goals.


How Is Fitness JOMO Different?

JOMO is the joy of missing out and the ability to take comfort in stepping back from experiences that can become too overwhelming or monotonous. This feeling does not necessarily mean that you are avoiding the gym but rather finding different ways to enjoy your time in and around it.


How Does Body Action Gym Support JOMO?

We cater to more than just fitness. Our members enjoy an array of 6-star features including the sensation showers, saunas and vanity tables with built in grooming equipment. There are also various charging stations situated in and around the first floor for easy access to keep you fully charged whether you are just passing through or working from our café’s lounge. We also believe that there is no better way to enjoy JOMO at our facility than with our partners, Kilojoule Café and LiveFit Clothing and Apparel who take healthy living to the next level.


Kilojoule Café makes JOMO taste more delicious with its array of health food and drinks along with its cheeky treats that makes pausing your diet feel more like a reward than a cheat meal. We have also made JOMO feel right at home with our lounge and seating areas that can be used for work or relaxation depending on your needs. We would also recommend indulging in the LiveFit shopping experience where their stylish and comfortable athleisure wear is sure to turn your JOMO into FOMO with the anticipation of wanting to try out your new gear in your next session.


So, if you feel like satisfying your FOMO/JOMO needs at the same time and in the same place, then all we can say is … Welcome Home.