A 21-day break from the gym doesn’t mean you can’t stay fit and healthy from the comfort of your home. Body Action Gym has your back with these 5 steps to conquering 21 days of rest.

Home Workouts
We know that it is difficult to get a gym sesh in during this period so it’s important to just stay conscious of your habits and try doing some home workouts.
Here are some workouts that you can mix and match to stay fit! We recommend doing 3 sets of your chosen regime.
– 30 Jumping Jacks
– 20 Squats
– 10 Push Ups
– 30 mountain climbers
– 20 lunges
– 30 Pulse Squats
– 20 Burpees
– 30 Bicycle crunches

We cannot stress this enough; sleep is SO important! Good sleep is a fundamental part of good health. Lack of sleep can result in hormone imbalances, hunger and slower metabolism. So do not underestimate the power of sleep and make sure you get sufficient sleep over the next 21 days!

Food is an important part of any day – especially now. Our advice? Think outside the box! You can find delicious recipes that are still health conscious – think of snacks too, fruit and nuts are always a good option! We recommend keeping all the vitamin groups in your diet to help boost your immune system! Here are some groups that will help you boost your immune system:
– Vitamin A: Sweet Potato, Carrots, Tuna, Butternut, Spinach, Broccoli, Grapefruit.
– Vitamin B: Lean Chicken Breast, Bananas, Sweet Potato, Avo, Pistachios, Beef
– Vitamin C: Chili Peppers, Red Pepper, Green Pepper, Broccoli, Strawberries, Oranges
– Vitamin D: Egg Yolks, Mushrooms, Milk, Breakfast Cereals, Cheese, Sunlight
– Vitamin E: Almonds, Sunflower Seeds, Avo

Stay hydrated. Hydrating is uber important! How do you know you’re dehydrated? Here are 4 signs:

– Feeling moody or lack of concentration.
– Bad Breath
– Sudden food cravings – try drink water before giving into temptation.
– Dehydration can mess with your metabolism – it affects your urine, too!

We encourage you all to stay motivated over the next 21 days, set some goals for yourself for during this period and some goals long term!